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At present, the first domestic waterfall type CCD Rice Color Safer Machine hasdevebped successfully in our company. And the experiment indicates that each performance parameter has achieved the internatbnal advanced fevel.TC-R series Intelligent CCD Rice Cola Safer has the remakable merits as following:
  • Uses import high tech CCD distinguishing tiny spot, transparent glass, the resin and soon, makes the color sating effect a higher level.
  • Scientfficreasonable optical design, distinguishes yellow and yellow declining deaer, and region broader.
  • Plate-type slide chute, gudrantees higher output.
  • Specialized high frequency imported sotenoid valve, smaller gas use, faster response rate, higher accuracy rate, longer service life, compounded with nimble, highly effective control algaithrn, guarantee the outstanding drag-out effect rate and the extremely high rejection precsion
  • The reasonable heat dissipating device, guarantees all electronic components work under the room temperature condition, and the signal-to-noise ratio higher, which not only enhances the cola sorting precision, maeover lengthens the cola sater's service life.
  • The optimized algorithm, make the color sating much mae easier and the sorting precision higher.
Model Type TC- 1R TC-2R TC-3R TC-4R
Sheds Skin Grain 1.5-4 3-8 4.5-12 6-16
Different color Grain 1.5-4 3-8 4.5-12 6-16
Sort Sickness spot color grain, micro glutinous grain 1.5-4 3-8 4.5-12 6-16
Sort sickness spot, sheds color grain, black grain and micro glutinous grain 1.5-4 3-8 4.5-12 6-16
Sort sickness spot sheds color grain, micro glutinous grain, dark rice, off-white grain 0.5 - 2 1-4 1.5 - 6 2-8

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