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jaggo Overseas is a reliable name and engaged in importing and exporting of Optimum Quality Electroplating Chemicals, Polishing Compound, Abrasive, Color Sorting, Rice Machine, CCD and Photo Sensor. There are plenty of products inside these categories which are imported and exported to the clients according to their needs. In electroplating chemical, we deal with Sodium Cyanide, Potassium Cyanide and Chromic acid. Our Abrasive Grains section allows us to import and export Brown fused alumina, Silicon Carbide and Green Silicon Carbide.

jaggo Overseas also manages business in Abrasive Grains Products like Grinding Wheels, Cut Off Wheels, Parting Wheels, Non Woven abrasive and Abrasive Wheels. These besides, we import and export a great deal of rice machines for various processes like Pre Cleaning, De Hushing & separation, Polishing and Grading. Furthermore, our business area also covers the aspects like Color Sorting, CCD and Photo Sensor.

We are in the business of providing chemicals to meet the diverse industrial needs of our clients. Similarly, we supply high-quality and equally effective electroplating chemical to our vast range of customer base according to their needs and specifications. Our electroplating chemical includes Sodium Cyanide, Potassium Cyanide and Chromic acid.  


We provide a wide-range of polishing compound to be used for polishing different metals. Our polishing compound is extensively used for polishing steel, stainless-steel, nickel, aluminium and all other possible materials. We import polishing compound from renowned names in the industry and then fulfil the finishing and other polishing related needs of our clients.

We provide abrasive for our clients to shape or finish a work piece through rubbing. With our abrasive, a material gains a smooth and reflective surface. Our Abrasives have intensive applications and used in a wide variety of industrial, domestic, and technological applications. To help deal with different products, metals, surfaces etc, we offer abrasive with different physical and chemical composition and shape. Our abrasive gets used intensively for the purposes like grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, cutting, drilling, sharpening, and sanding.

We are a major importer and exporter of various rice machines. Our rice machines have extensive industrial usages and come under different categories. The tasks like Pre Cleaning, De Hushing & separation, Polishing and Grading are carried out through our range of rice machine. With our high-quality and technically effective rice machines, you get world-class and desirable rice that will carry sophistication and brand of our superiority.

SKC-R5 series intelligence colour sorter, a promotion version of SKC-R series, is the newest-developed fourth generation photoelectric rice colour sorter. Based on SKC-R series, STC has additional remarkable characteristics as below

At present, the first domestic waterfall type CCD Rice Colour Sorter Machine has developed successfully in our company. And the experiment indicates that each performance parameter has achieved the international advanced level. TC-R Series Intelligent CCD Rice Colour Sorter has the remarkable merits as followings

We offer SKC-R5 series intelligence rice colour sorter which gives effectively improved colour sorting output. Our colour sensor is the newest-developed and comprises reasonable optical design. With easier installation, our photo sensor strengthens the colour sorting stability. Reasonably channel layout ensures that there is lesser proportion of first/second sorting channel.

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