Dehushing and Sepreation

Highly automatic and high capacity of De Hushing & Separation rice machines are supplied from us. These machines are utilized extensively for rice processing and separation. With our advanced techniques, user-friendly and convenient to use De Hushing & Separation machines, we offer a sense of ease for the clients.

PL GQ-C Pressure Automatic Rubber Roll Husker

This machine is an automatic rubber roller husker and newly developed. It’s highly automatic with good capacity. As an updated machine for rice processing, it’s resulted from advanced techniques and so easy and convenient for use.

The sensor is used to test the material level. There is a feed machine. When the material reaches a certain level, the machine will be turned on automatically. The feed gate will be opened and the husker will begin to work. If the material is discontinued or below the set leveL, the gate will be closed and the machine will be turned off automatically and stop working.

The material will be feed by means of vibration, which can ensure the even layer and flow of the material on the shedding plate, and keep stable the length and direction of the rubber rollers as well as the husking rate.

The air pressure is employed to adjust the rollers. The pressure between the rollers is even with less undulation, which helps stabilize the husking rate.

As the rubber rollers wear out, the long shedding plate can automatically trace and orient toward the target area between the two rollers till the rubber layer is used up.

The change gearbox is used to adjust the speed in order to get the optimum technical parameters.


Category PLGQ25-C PLGQ36-C PLGQ51-C
Capacity (t/h) 3.5-5 5-7 7-10
Rubber Roller Spece (Dia x length, mm) 0255*254 0225×360 0254×508
Air Pressure (MPa) 0.6-0.7 0.6-0.7 0.6-0.7
Wind Amount (m’/h) 4000 4800 5600
Power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11

PL GX25B Pneumatic Automatic Rubber Roll Husker

Through a pair of rubber rolls, which rotate in opposite direction and differential, paddy will be husked. The rice bran and the mixture of paddy and brown rice will be separated by rice bran separator.

Feature: High automation : Automatically unengaged without foodstuff, while with foodstuff, rubber rolls engage automatically. Feed gate and pressure between rubber rolls are controlled through pneumatic components. High husking yield, high output: Husking yield up to over 90%, capacity 3.5 5.5t/h suitable for 50tons/24 hours rice mill.
Steady running : Less vibrating, low noise. Convenient to operate : Pressure between rubber rolls can be adjusted directly by pressure valve, while material flow and air volume by adjustable handle.

Rubber roller : Main shaft RPM: 1000 10″

Model PLGX25B
Processing Capacity (Rate of husk hulling 85%~90%) 5~6t/h (long paddy) 5~8t/h (short paddy)
Power 7.5 kW+0.1 kW
Admission Pressure Required 0.5 MPa
Air-Suction Capacity Required 3m3/min
Main roller of the huller : 1115~1160rpm Rice husk separator : 1 472-1 530rpm
Rubber Roller Size Diameter : 10 inches, Width : 10 inches
Hardness 87°±5°
Net weight 1300kg

PLGT Rubber Roll Husker

This machine is a modified one and technically transformed from the original huller that uses a heavy object to control the rollers. It utilizes the air pressure to automatically control the rollers. When operating the equipment, one only needs to switch on or off the valve, and the rollers can be automatically fastened or relaxed. Meantime, the pressure between the rollers at work can be adjusted, which makes the operation much easier, more reliable and more effective. Grain content in hulls : <30 (grains in 100kg hulls); Hull content in rice <1%.


Model PLGT25(10″) PLGT36(14″) PLGT51(20″)
Capacity (t/h) 2.5-3.5 4-4.8 6-8
Grain content in hulls (grains in 100kg hulls) <30 <30 <30
Hull content in rice (%) <1 <1 <1
Air blow (m3/h 3500 4000 4500
Weight (kg) 660 -1000 1350
Exterior Size (L*WxH) 880x1280x2000 1210x1400x2200 1360x1400x2200
Power (KW) 5.5 7.5 11

Paddy Separator

  1. The sieve is made higher to reduce jam, in the sieve.
  2. The stronger transmission system makes better mechanism performance.
  3. The unique speed adjustment and material division device make the technical performance more steady with glass cover for dustproof.


Model PLCZ40 x 20 X 2 PLCZ60 x 20 X 2 PLCZ80 x 5 PLCZ80 x 7 PLCZ115 x 5 PLCG100 x 8 PLCZ100 x 10 PLCZ100 x 12 PLCZ100 x 16
Capacity (kg/h) 3500-5000 8000-8500 1000 1400 1800 2600 3000 3800 4200
Power (kW) 2.2 2.2 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Exterior Size 1850×2220 1900×2300 1160×1050 1350×1410 1160×1050 1600×1300 1600×1300 1600×1300 1600×1300
(LxWxH) (MM) x2250 x2300 x1030 x1780 x1030 x1310 x1370 x1430 x1750