Finishing Compound

Finishing Compound

Green Composition

Product Discription
It is exceptionally designed with combination of abrasives & oils to produce the consitent glossy finish with blue tone & ensures less consumption & fast cutting action, Lead to an increase productivity by eliminating rejection & re-polish issues.

Size : 72 pcs. per box
(Avg. Wt. 400 gms.)
Size : 20 pcs. per box
(Avg. Wt. 1 Kg.)
Customize Packing also available

Suitable for

The product is best suitable for stainless steel articles, cutleries, pipes, brass articles and copper products.

The product gives best result with stitched cotton wheel or loose cotton wheel.

White Polishing Compound

Product Discription
This compound is an exceptional combination of ultrafine abrasives which enhance looks and appearance of work piece and furnish high gloss and long lasting mirror finish.

The Product gives best result with soft cotton wheel.